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    We provide many services at 24/7 Bail Agency:

  •  75% off 10% bail bonds in Michigan (call for details)

  • Same Day Release/ Same day Bail Bonds

  •  Payment plans available

  •  Collateral Not Always Needed

  • Signature Bonds Available

  • All Major Credit Cards Accepted

  • Open 24 hours a day 7 days a week

  •  No Credit Check

  •  Open  Every Holiday

  •  All Michigan and Ohio 

  • Always Quick and Always Available

  •  Bail Bonds for all crimes/offenses

  • Bond Approval By Phone

  • Make 24/7 Bail Agency Your 1st Call For Bail 

  • Specialize in Criminal Federal  Bonds

  • Federal Surety Bonds

  • Contract Bonds available





We have reliable bail agents to assist you in bailing out your clients. We understand that it is important to you to have professional and confidential help when you need it. Our licensed, local agents are available in Michigan and Ohio to assist you 24/7. if you specialize in federal cases, we can help you post your federal bonds for your clients. we are approved through the federal courts and can post same day.

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