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What does a Bond Agent do?

When a loved one ends up in an unfortunate situation and needs a bondsman/bondswoman to help you get them out of jail. The bond can usually post bond one of two ways:

1- Bring the full amount of the bond to the jail OR

2- Use the services of a bonding company and pay them a percentage of the bond.

If you choose to use the bonding company, the bondsman will issue a guarantee to the court that if the defendant fails to show up, the bond company will pay the full amount that was posted to the court.. They issue a surety bond which serves as the guarantee. They do this for a fee, which is usually around 10%, which is far less then the full amount of the bond.


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James Parker
James Parker
Jun 19, 2020

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Katie Thompson
Katie Thompson
Mar 03, 2020

Thanks so much for this succinct overview of a bail agent's role! It's important for anyone navigating legal issues to have access to clear-cut, informative content like this. If you're ever interested in reading more cutting-edge stories on the bail bonding industry, the blog at has tri-monthly features that you'd probably really enjoy. I'm looking forward to future content from your company.

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